Continued history of innovation & benefits to our area

For nearly a century, the Hoffmann-LaRoche property in Clifton and Nutley has been associated with groundbreaking medical R&D. Today we are expanding upon that spirit of innovation, inviting you to work, reside, and explore over a hundred acres of possibility.



ROCHE commenced development of its campus. Construction of Route 3 from Clifton eastward began and was completed in the 1940s.



The development comprised 4 million square feet of buildings and approximately 10,000 people were employed here.

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The Future

Envisioned is the creation of the multiple tenanted, next-generation, 24/7 lifestyle hub, including office, R&D, residential, retail, lodging and entertainment concepts.

A new beginning

When ROCHE announced in June 2012 that it was consolidating research sites in Germany and Switzerland, that also meant the end of the iconic 116-acre campus in northern New Jersey.  The former single-user complex that had gone dark will be transformed into a new synergy of businesses ideally situated for life sciences but attractive to all forward thinking innovative enterprises. ON3 will bring new vitality and significant community benefits to Clifton and Nutley.


Benefits for Clifton & Nutley

Millions of Dollars in Tax Revenue

The multi-stage ON3 redevelopment Prism Capital Partners envisions will generate millions of dollars in tax revenue to support vital community services, such as education, emergency services and infrastructure, in Clifton and Nutley. When Roche closed its doors, the municipalities lost $10 million in annual tax revenue. ON3 will help rebuild a robust revenue stream from the property.

Bringing back quality jobs

Until 2013, ROCHE was one of the largest employers in the Northern New Jersey suburbs. When ROCHE closed its doors in Nutley that year more than 1,000 people lost their jobs.

ON3 will attract thriving industries that help to create hundreds of jobs with competitive salaries in Nutley and Clifton. The ON3 campus’ appropriate mix of uses will promote longevity among tenants to keep the local job market strong and to promote economic development for generations to come.

Restoring the environment

ROCHE vacated the property by the end of 2015 in a first-class fashion. To pave the way for redevelopment, ROCHE demolished obsolete buildings and started the environmental remediation process, working closely with the NJDEP and the EPA to adhere to the most stringent regulatory requirements so as to ensure that the cleanup of the site is thorough, safe and responsible. ROCHE retains responsibility for remaining environmental cleanup, if any, of the site.


Opportunity abounds

Jones Lange Lasalle was charged with marketing of the former ROCHE site. Even prior to the sale of the land, Hackensack Meridian Health and Seton Hall University committed to leasing two major buildings totaling 477,000-square-foot and 16 acres on the campus. PB Nutclif I, LLC, a Prism Capital Partners affiliate, purchased the property in October 2016, and announced a next-generation lifestyle hub ideal for today’s research, technology and knowledge-based organizations.