Retrofitting Suburbia: The Big Design and Development Project of the Next 50 Years

A new kind of community is on the rise, where urban vitality and suburban flexibility meet.

The ON3 redevelopment is an ambitious initiative that hopes to transform the former ROCHE campus that had gone dark into exactly this type of innovative environment, creating a multi-tenant, next-generation lifestyle hub in Nutley and Clifton, NJ.

In this TED talk, architect and author Ellen Dunham-Jones shares a vision of retrofitting suburbia as an important opportunity to convert the growing number of empty or underperforming sites into more sustainable places. She explains why the process of adaptive redevelopment is both important and practical, and challenges listeners to let the expectation that the suburbs should remain frozen evolve.

Learn more about the ways redevelopment allows us to redirect growth into existing communities that could use a boost.

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